Chiropractor and private practice owner Dr. Brian Anderson specializes in treating patients dealing with chronic pain. Rather than simply focusing on treating symptoms or making a diagnosis, Dr. Anderson takes a more holistic approach, looking more deeply to find the underlying causes of his patients’ pain.

Dr. Anderson originally focused on musculoskeletal issues at his Summit, New Jersey practice, Premier Health of Summit Neurological and Spinal Regeneration. Since then, he has branched out into other areas, and while he still deals with musculoskeletal issues, he also treats patients experiencing chronic pain, fibromyalgia, vertigo, dizziness, balance issues, restless leg syndrome, migraines, peripheral neuropathy, chronic fatigue, and multiple types of back issues.

Dr. Brian Anderson has developed an innovative treatment system called the Anderson Method, which allows him to take a comprehensive look at his patients to determine which metabolic and neurological treatment protocols would work best for them. Utilizing a type of treatment called Brain Based Therapy, his method combines clinical breakthroughs and chiropractic practice to achieve the best possible treatment for patients suffering from chronic nerve issues.

Each treatment starts with a lengthy discussion with the patient to get an idea of how he or she is functioning in many areas. Dr. Anderson is not only concerned with pain levels, but also with how the patient functions as a whole. Sometimes, the clue as to what ails the patient can be found in the smaller details of the patient’s life. Dr. Anderson believes he can find ways to treat most patients without the use of surgery or heavy medication, though he will never recommend a patient stop taking their current medication.


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